About us

Hello everyone,

We are UNDERRATED. We are a small streetwear brand situated in Winnipeg, Canada with the strive to provide premium quality clothing at an affordable price. Our mission is to give customers clothing that makes them feel good not just on the inside but as well as the outside. Premium quality is not just our goal when it comes to our products, it is our purpose.

Growing up, streetwear has played a big part of our lives. From the latest sneaker drops to the latest styles we follow from our favourite influencers and designers. Streetwear has not just influenced the way we live, but it has transpired to something even greater.

Just like how our love for streetwear inspired us to create this brand. UNDERRATED hopes to reach and inspire youth to pursue their dreams and to be the best versions of themselves. Just because you feel underappreciated, feeling left out, the last pick, that one underrated kid on the block doesn't mean your story end there. Because through faith and hard work, you can shine like the brightest of diamonds and reach that championship.

We welcome you to our family. We hope you you'll like what's in store for the future!

With all love,